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About Ben Houser Motorcars
Pictured above is the first location of Ben Houser
Motorcars. Located on Betz Court in Orefield, this
location was known as "The Warehouse"
I will never forget the first time I saw an auto auction. It was a
classic car auction on TV when I was about 14. The fast pace
and just listening to the auctioneer intrigued me. I knew right
then and there that I wanted to be a car dealer to go to auctions.

Since the mid 1940's my grandfather had a repair shop in
Orefield and for a few years also had a dealer license. He would
tell me the stories of his trips to the auto auctions and it just
further drove home that I wanted to buy and sell cars like he did.

I never went to college. Instead I took my chances with two  
businesses that I started while I was in high school. I managed to
do very well for myself. For every dollar that I made, I stashed
away 90 cents in an effort to one day start my own dealership.

Make no mistake about it. Owning a car dealership takes a lot of
capital. If you rely on credit to run your dealership, you will be out
Ben Houser Motorcars
7444 Route 309
New Tripoli, PA 18066

Phone: 484-601-3227

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of business in no time. I made a lot of sacrifices early in my life to get to where I am. But those sacrifices have made this
dealership what it is today. From day one, I always owned my vehicle inventory outright. This saved countless dollars and
made us competitive. After a few years of paying high office rent, I was able to purchase our current location in New
Tripoli outright with no mortgage. This alone eliminates one of the biggest expenses a dealership faces.

What I wish the public would understand is that not all car dealerships are the same. Too often people get focused on
price alone and that gets them into trouble. While I agree price is important, I think it is more important that you know who
you are buying from. You need to trust who you are buying from before you hand over your hard earned money.

Large dealerships may have a vast selection of cars to choose from but they consistently have the worst reviews and
customer service. If you buy from a large dealer, chances are you will never meet the owner. In fact, the owner probably
never shows up because he relies on managers to run the dealership for him. This is why when you have problems, they
never get resolved in a timely manner and why people get frustrated.

I am personally involved in every vehicle that is sold at my dealership. Not only will you get to meet me but I will likely
handle your entire transaction from start to finish. Should you have any issues that arise after the sale, I can ensure you
will be taken care of in a timely fashion without getting the run around.
My entire goal is to make the car buying experience as easy as possible.
Buying a vehicle should not be an all day affair. By offering no haggle prices,
we save all the wasted time with price negotiations. If you decide to purchase, I
can have you out the door in less then an hour. Our process is as simple as
walking into a store, finding the item you need, and going to the checkout.

I do my very best to source only the finest quality vehicles. We hand select the
best of the best from our various wholesale sources. Cosmetically our vehicles
are consistently some of the best available anywhere. Our vendors have often
said that I make the new car dealerships look bad!

The vast majority of the vehicles that I buy are off lease vehicles. I buy these
direct from the manufacturer owned leasing companies such as Lexus
Financial Services and Ford Motor Credit. These vehicles are often in
excellent condition, have low mileage, and still have plenty of factory warranty
left. They are an excellent value compared to buying brand new. These are
the SAME vehicles the new car dealerships buy and sell for much more.

In an effort to keep vehicle shipping costs to a minimum, I try very hard to buy
vehicles from our local area. I also try to avoid buying vehicles that come out of
certain areas because they tend to not be in as nice of condition.

One thing people may notice is that when I purchase a vehicle, it is listed as
"In-Transit to Dealership" on the inventory page. Within usually two days, I'll
have the vehicle loaded onto our website with pictures and a detailed
description. We are unique in the fact that we typically pick up our own
vehicles with our own trailers. This saves shipping time waiting for a
transporter to pick them up and deliver to us.

Once a vehicle arrives, it is gone over by a well qualified mechanic. Most
vehicles come with a fresh oil change and new cabin air filter. If brakes or tires
are below a threshold I deem as acceptable, they too are replaced. All vehicles
I sell are 100 percent ready for their next owner with no hidden surprises.

I hope to see you soon,

Ben Houser